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About Frutti Dino

Frutti Dino is a unique creature made by adding a fruit ampoule to a dinosaur. Except for the Genesis Dino, all Dinos are created through breeding, and they are also grown, upgraded, and destroyed through users.

“Frutti Dino of the users, by the users, for the users” That’s how to describe Frutti Dino since it respects the value of users the most. Frutti Dino is a game of SRPG genre that acquires various values in the process of growing Dinos with different characteristics composed of NFTs. Experience a variety of high-quality game modes and systems that have not been seen in existing blockchain games, such as Expedition Mode, Crafting System, and Rental System, in Dinoverse, and experience a new Play to Earn Game.

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Last update: 13 Aug 2023