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About Wreck League

"Wreck League," a Web3 mech fighting game developed by nWay, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is set to launch soon. The game will incorporate Yuga Labs' non-fungible token (NFT) projects into its storyline through a licensing deal. Players will have the exciting opportunity to assemble giant robotic characters using collectible NFT parts, creating an astonishing "1.5 quadrillion" different combinations. To begin, players will need to mint a mech NFT composed of 10 parts found in boxes sold to those on the Wreck League allowlist.

While the Web3 version of the game requires an Ethereum-compatible wallet and mech NFT for competitive events, a free-to-play, non-blockchain version will be available on various platforms, including iOS. As part of the game's season one, it will feature characters from Yuga Lab's canonical universe woven into the narrative, expanding on the "non-canonical extended Yugaverse."

Wreck League players can compete for on-chain prizes, such as mech parts and booster boxes with varying rarities. With Animoca Brands' strong presence in the blockchain gaming space, the game promises to be a thrilling addition to the growing metaverse ecosystem.

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Last update: 2 Oct 2023