Siege of Etherrealm - Gear Hunt Extravaganza!

Siege of Etherrealm - Gear Hunt Extravaganza!

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September 03, 2023

Event Name: Siege of Etherrealm - Gear Hunt Extravaganza!

Attention all fearless Knights and valiant Blessed Villagers of the Etherrealm! The time has come for the grand event of the season: the Siege of Etherrealm - Gear Hunt Extravaganza! Prepare yourselves for an epic two-week adventure, where valor and strategy shall pave the way to legendary treasures.

Event Duration:

Two weeks of non-stop excitement, starting now! From 2 Sept 2023 to 16 Sept 2023, dive into the thrilling quest to collect all 9 Siege Gear pieces for your gallant Knights and Blessed Villagers.

Rules of Engagement:

  1. Siege Gear Collection: Hunt down the elusive Siege Gear pieces and assemble the ultimate set for your Knights or Blessed Villagers.
  2. Limited Drops: Each wallet will receive only 1 of each type of Siege Gear piece.
  3. Rarity Mechanics: As you gather the less rare drops, the odds of scoring the more rare pieces will increase. Strategy and persistence will be your key allies.
  4. Gear Drops Display: Please note that gear drops won't appear on the victory screen. Victory is sweet, but your spoils of war will be unveiled in your armory after each run.
  5. Legendary Surprise: Complete the full set of Siege Gear and unveil a legendary surprise that will leave you in awe. The quest is challenging, but the rewards are legendary.


Prizes Fit for Heroes:

  • Full Set Completion: Assemble the entire Siege Gear set to earn an exclusive legendary surprise that will blow your mind! The thrill of the hunt pays off with astonishing rewards.
  • Rarity Progression: As you venture deeper into the quest and collect more pieces, you'll unlock increased chances of obtaining the rarer drops. Forge your path to the ultimate rewards!
  • Glory and Prestige: Showcase your prowess and be the envy of the realm as you equip your Knights and Blessed Villagers with the finest Siege Gear.
  • Bragging Rights: Share your accomplishments with fellow gamers and let them bask in your glory.

Set forth on an unforgettable journey during the Siege of Etherrealm - Gear Hunt Extravaganza! Arm yourself with courage, determination, and a thirst for legendary treasures. The destiny of the realm awaits your triumphant conquests. Best of luck, noble warriors! 🛡ī¸đŸ°đŸŽŽ